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IMG 1237 750pxThe Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich has been shortlisted for a prestigious Times Higher Education Award.

Two farmer groups supported by C:AVA, Tiyamike and CMRTE from the Mulanje and Zomba regions of Malawi, participated in the 2nd National Science and Technology Fair for 2012 and won the prize for best exhibition stand.

cake1In a bid to showcase the possibility of strengthening investment opportunities along the cassava value chain, Africa Innovations Institute (AfrII) through its Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) project displayed a cake baked with 90% High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) and 10% wheat flour at the three-day Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Event in Kampala from 6-8th March 2014. The event, which attracted over 5000 SMEs drew over 1000 entrepreneurs, farmers, CBOs and FBOs to taste the product and learn how to profit from Cassava, an indigenous crop in Uganda.

During the recent Global Cassava Partnership (GCP) meeting in Uganda in July 2012, a special session on the Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) project was held. The session gave an opportunity for project staff to present progress made by the project and also stimulated a discussion on value chain development for tropical root and tuber crops.

The Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) project, now in its fifth year, has produced a short video to help viewers understand how the project’s value chain development model works.

Benefits of the Cassava:Adding Value to Africa (C:AVA) project are noticeable across all stages of the High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) value-chain; farmer groups in the Serere district of Eastern Uganda who grow and produce high quality cassava grits and HQCF are now receiving a stable income, and markets in Kampala are accessing better quality flour for their products.