This is an archived website as the project has now ended.


nigeria cava pic2Women processors in Awowo, a quiet village community in Ewekoro LGA of Ogun State, once sold their wet fufu paste to local buyers that made fufu for local buka and restaurants in and around Ogun State. The C:AVA project trained the women how to make wet mash and cake, and then linked the Agbeloba Fufu Processing Group in Awowo with an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur was Ronuga's Foods in New Jersey, New York who was interested in shipping Nigerian foodstuff overseas.

The group was linked with an already identified SME (Peak Products Ltd) that specialises in converting fufu cake into dried flour using a flash dryer.

Within the last two quarters on 2010, the Agbeloba fufu processing group at Awowo has supplied approximately N265,000 worth of wet fufu to Ronuga's foods which formed 3 metric tons of dried fufu flour that was packed and exported to USA.

Ronuga's foods plans to maintain and improve upon the existing business relationship with the processing group. The relationship has enhanced production capacity of the group as a result of having a guaranteed market outlet.