This is an archived website as the project has now ended.


nigeria pic cavaIn 2007, with the end of President Obasanjo's administration in Nigeria, regular purchase of HQCF from cassava processors in the country came to an end. The sales of HQCF nose-dived and most of the SMEs were shut down. This was the situation until the C:AVA project came to Nigeria in 2010, bringing the sector alive again.

The C:AVA project in Nigeria conducted advocacy campaigns, and practical demonstrations of the use of HQCF in various products, and organised several stakeholder discussion forums to address the problem facing the cassava sub-sector in the country. This ignited a positive shift in the situation as some flour millers began to purchase HQCF again.

The standard organisation of Nigeria (SON) also began to visit flour milling premises to ascertain the availability of HQCF for including in the production of composite flour in the country.

"Thank God for C:AVA project interventions in Nigeria, the sector is active again. ... I am determined never to allow the cassava business to die" – Engr. Ayo Olubori, CEO, Peak Products Limited.

SMEs are now beginning to reopen and commence activities within the sector and the possibility of diversifying their cassava product line is forthcoming.