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CossacoxaWithin two years of its association with the C:AVA project in Ghana, Cassacoxa Limited has become the proud winner of the Sunyani Municipality 'best processor award'.

Cassacoxa was identified by the C:AVA project in 2008 when owners of the company decided to invest in a cassava processing enterprise as their contribution to the development of the community. They created a market for the farmers who faced challenges accessing reliable markets for their produce.

In collaboration with the owners of the company, C:AVA developed a business plan to provide a guarantee for a loan facility, and linked the company to ABTS, a plywood company based in Brekum, only 46km from Chiraa where Cassacoxa is located.

Within two years, unwavering confidence in HQCF as a product for use as plywood was gained, and ABTS expressed their desire to support Cassacoxa financially to increase supply in HQCF, and were willing to pay premium price.

Cassacoxa also attracted the attention of the Brong Ahafo Regional Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) who invited the company on two separate occasions to represent the Regional Directorate of MoFA at regional and national agribusiness programmes.

Cassacoxa now provides access to markets for nearly 200 farmers who consistently sell an average of 5MT of cassava for HQCF production, and the company provides direct employment for about 20 people from the Chiraa community. They have also begun mentoring another SME, located in the same area.

It is their prominence as a performing Small-Medium Enterprise, creating jobs and generating income for people in the Sunyani municipality, that has qualified Cassacoxa as a deserving recipient of the Sunyani municipality 'best municipal processor award'. It is a deserved acknowledgement of the modest contribution of the company to the development of the surrounding area.